BTicino/IME Export Weekly Webinar Sessions

BTicino/IME Export Weekly Webinar Sessions


From April 30th, 2020 to June 11th, 2020

We are delighted to present you the calendar to our first webinar series hosted by BTicino/IME Export Weekly Webinar Sessions.

In these webinars, you have the chance to discover all the news from our department, latest products/features, and functionalities. Meet our experts and get all the information that you need to upgrade your projects with our help.


The series includes 7 sessions, one per week at 11.00 AM every Thursday. See below the upcoming webinars from the series:

  1. New Conto – Energy Meters renewal / 30th April
  2. Nemo range – Multifunctions and Protocols / 7th May
  3. Nemo 96EA – How to measure Power Quality parameters / 14th May
  4. Webserver – Energy Monitor System / 21th May
  5. Nemo SX – Modular System to Measure and Control your panel / 28th May
  6. Transformers range – The first step for measure / 4th June
  7. Earth Leakage relay – AC/DC protection / 11th June

We hope to see as many of you next week!

BTicino/IME Export Communication Team



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