New series replacing the TAQ1, TAQ2 and TAQ6 models
Compact and versatile

The new primary TAQ to have reduced wound size compared to the old series, the addition of directional arrows at the side of the cap to make the installation in the correct direction more intuitive.
In the L version, up to 50A reports, the clamps for the cable lugs to facilitate installation have been improved.


TAQ2M e TAQ2L replace TAQ1 (TAQE) e TAQ2 (TAQA)
TAQ6M e TAQ6L replace TAQ6 (TAQB)

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Small size
Apertura a scatto

The new compact dimensions make it easy to use even in confined spaces.

New terminals, M series
Freccia direzionale

The new primary terminal TAQ2M and TAQ6M, flows of less than 50A .

New terminals, L series
Viti isolate

The new primary terminal TAQ2L and TAQ6L, capacities exceeding 50A.

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