Open core transformer
The simplicity of measuring
Amperometric transformers with split core

An ideal solution for use in the event of maintenance or expansion of existing plants, in distribution panels or power center.
Thanks to the Snap opening can be easily installed on busbars or cables without having to log off, resulting in saving time and costs for a plant shutdown.
The Double secondary terminals (IP20) screw or faston are useful for making short circuit quickly and safely before you disconnect the equipment connected to it.
In the package we are supplied to the series of screws isolated in the tip for mounting on the primary busbars and metal feet for fixing to the wall.
Snap opening
Apertura a scatto

The snap-opening system facilitates and speeds up installation also work in small spaces.

Directional arrows
Freccia direzionale

The arrow indicates the direction of current flow, an indication which makes it much more intuitive installation

Isolated screws
Viti isolate

The screws isolated give a firm attachment on the bar in total safety and reliability .

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