Nemo D4-Le
The evolution of a myth
Multifunction tool for low-voltage networks, 4 module
  • Multifunction
  • Display 4 lines
  • harmonics up to the 50th order
  • 4 Rates
  • Digital inputs
  • Pulse output S0
  • RS485 Communication


The continuous evolution of the monitoring systems of power grids has consequently changed the market demand around the measuring instruments.
IME, to meet the new detection requirements of electrical measurements, presents the new multimeter (4 DIN modules) Nemo D4-Le, the evolution of the previous Nemo D4-L already appreciated by the market.
Adjustable brightness display with 4 lines and keyboard with touch-sensitive controls are just some of the improvements made to the new born. A major innovation has been to introduce a real harmonic analysis for currents and voltages with the display of the most significant harmonics (3, 5, 7, 9) while in communication all the harmonics up to the 50th order thus allowing an accurate monitoring the quality of its network.

Technical features

Line type
Three Phase 80...500V (phase-phase)
Single phase 50...290V

From CT /1A or /5A
Direct till 500V or from VT (max 1200V)
Rated Frequency 50 Hz - 400 Hz

Auxiliary Power Supply
80...265 Vac
20...60 or 100...300 Vcc

Pulse SO
Relay output 27Vcc/ca - 50mA programmable
RS485 with protocol:
  • Modbus
  • Bacnet
  • Johnson Control

    Harmonic analysis
    On display until the 9th
    In communication up to the 50th
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