Network monitoring
Multifunctions and Energy Meters

Recently the increase of energy costs has led to a greater focus on consumption and the possibility of interventions to save valuable energy.
Effective energy audit, which detect consumption and individuals the possibility of recovery of efficiency interventions is the essential foundation for energy efficiency.
The essential elements to achieve it are the electrical parameters of the data collection and transmission to supervisory systems for the management and centralized processing of the measures.

Nemo Series
DIN rail and panel tools
for energy control

Multifunction insertion of lines 1F+N / 3F / 3F+N for LV and MV networks, via CT and VT with large backlit LCD display of 4 rows.
Two-way counting for active energy (kWh) in class 0.5 and reactive (kvarh) class 1 according to EN/IEC 61557-12.
On some models, harmonic analysis for current and voltage up to + 50° order of the operating hours counter crest and adjustable threshold factor in power.
Measures true RMS (TRMS) of: kWh, kvarh, A, V, kW, kvar, kVA, HZ, power factor, h, average values of A, kW, kvar, kVA.

Conto Series
Energy Meters
DIN rail and panel tools
for the measurement of consumption with MID certifications

Energy meters one-way multi-measure, also suitable for tax purposes applications.
The LCD display, show active energy consumption (kWh) Class 1 EN/IEC 62053-21 or EN 50470 certified class B MID, and reactive (kvarh) Class 2 EN/IEC 62053-23 addition to the main electrical parameters.

IME SpA offers a complete range of tools for detect the consumption in center costs and storing solutions them in the field or in centralized supervision softwares thus making available all data to industry professionals as Energy Manager, Technical Studies, ESCOs or simply to a building manager who must share the cost of the common parts to the various condominiums.

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