Nemo D4e
The entry level solution
Multifunction tool for low-voltage networks, 4 module
  • Multifunction
  • Display 4 lines
  • Pulse output S0
  • RS485 Communication


To meet the new requirements for measuring electrical measurements, IME presents the new Nemo D4e multifunctional, the basic solution for DIN rail measurement.
Backlit display with 4-line is one of the characteristics of the new born.
Pulse output and standard on-board RS485 communication complete the instrument's features

Technical features

Line Type
Three Phase 50...460V (phase-phase)
Single Phase 50...290V

From /5A CT
Direct till 460V
Nominal Frequency 50 Hz

Aux supply:
Alternate Current: 230 V

Precision Class
Active Energy Precision (EN/IEC 61557-12): class 1
Reactive Energy Precision (EN/IEC 61557-12): class 1

Pulses SO
RS485 with protocoll:
  • Modbus
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