Nemo 96 EA
Overvoltages, network holes and memory in one instrument
Analyzer instrument for low and medium voltage networks, 96x96mm
  • Multifunction
  • 4 lines display
  • Harmonics up to the 40th order
  • Pulse output S0
  • RS485 communication
  • Surge
  • Network holes
  • Network interruptions
  • Rapid variations of tensions
  • Instability
  • Built-in memory (8Mb)
  • RTC (Real time clock)
  • Expansion modules


The continuous evolution of the electricity grid monitoring systems has consequently changed the market demand for measuring instruments.
IME, to meet the new requirements for the measurement of electrical measurements, presents the new multifunction Nemo 96 EA, 96x96 recessed solution for network quality control.
Large backlit display with 4-line display, overvoltage, mains holes, network interruptions, rapid variations in voltage and instability are some of the features of the new born.
RS485 communication* and the possibility to add further modules complete the equipment's features.

*through the IF96001 communication module supplied

Technical features

Line type
Three-phase 80...690V (phase-phase)
Single phase 50...400V

From TA /1A or /5A
Direct up to 690V or TV (max 150kV)
Rated frequency 50 Hz

Auxiliary power supply
Alternating: 80 ... 265 V
Continue: 11...60 or 110...300 Vcc

Accuracy class
Active energy precision (EN/IEC 62053-22): class 0,5
Reactive energy precision (EN/IEC 62053-23): class 1
Quality monitoring of the network (IEC 62586-1/2 PQIs): class S

RS485 with protocol:
  • Modbus (using the supplied module IF96001)*
  • Expansion modules**

    * Alternatively modules:
    IF96002 RS232 communication
    IF96015 ethernet communication

    ** In addition:
    IF96003 2 pulse outputs
    IF96004 2 analog outputs 0/4...20 mA
    IF96005 2 relay outputs
    IF96006 neutral current measurement from TA
    IF96010 I/O 2 SPST-NO inputs, 2 SPST-NO outputs
    IF96011 I/O 2 inputs 12 / 24Vdc, 2 outputs SPST-NO - IF96016 2 inputs from Pt100

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    **IDM EVO shows the energy quality saved in the Nemo 96 EA. Midas Evo can be associated to Nemo96 EA in order to monitors the energy consumption of your system.

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