Multi Instrument Data Aquisition Software

MIDAS Evo is the solution for those looking for a complete system for energy monitoring of the systems where they are installed Nemo and Conto models. The system is fully configurable, in fact, you can view in real time all the measurements read by the instruments, perform historical reporting of daily, monthly and annual rates divided by preset by the user and alert email to be always at the correct operating current of own plant. Moreover, in MIDAS Evo it is possible to discriminate the user administrator, who can access the configuration panel, and the user administrator that will only have the ability to view the project without the possibility of change.

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MIDAS Evo is sold in four versions, if you require an upgrade to a higher version, simply buy the new license key without reinstalling the software.

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Midas Evo can be used for various applications, combined with instruments Conto's and Nemo's series.

Below the most common:

Networks RS485 Modbus RTU protocol

Local monitoring of wired devices in the RS485, the computer is reachable via the interface converter RS485 / Ethernet (IF2E011 - IF2E111)
Applicazione su rete RS485
Corporate LANs

Monitoring of multiple devices on the LAN to have under control the consumption of our departments.
Applicazione su rete LAN
Network not wired, communication via Radio

In some cases there isn't possible of using an ethernet network and install a new one might be impractical, commit a lot of time and be very costly.
With Nemo 96 HD+ and his radio module (IF96018) it will be very easy and fast to reach Midas Evo also from those points "inconvenient and cramped" in terms of wiring.
Applicazione via Radio
Connecting through Internet

Midas Evo doesn't necessarily have to be installed on site, you can install it where you prefer to control the instruments and remotely via the Internet, taking advantage of the ability to access measurements from anywhere in the world through the Web Server mode.
Applicazione via Internet


Today's the market requires a constant and very rapid changes, thus also our software is constantly updated to ensure maximum efficiency and compatibility with our instruments, also evolving. From this page you can download and install the latest version of Midas Ages, updated to 05/02/2018

Download MIDAs Evo version 2.07.56 Rev.05
Download last MIDAs Evo version
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Warning: if you have 2.07.14 version or earlier, please contact your dealer before making the update!

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