Kit Rogowski
Solutions for measurement of the main electrical quantities

Multifunction Tool + 3 Rogowski coils, a versatile solution and suitable for low voltage installations

The Rogowski KIT are designed for use in case of maintenance, expansion of existing facilities and the addition of measurement points of distribution panels.
The sensors are available with 80mm, 142mm and 190mm guarantee to monitor all the electrical parameters for capacities from 20 to 5000 A .

Thanks to communication RS485 Modbus RTU / TCP integrated on board , the read data can be central on our supervisory systems.

Kit Rogowski Nemo 96 HDLe

Multifunction tool in 96x96mm format with pulse output and RS485 Modbus RTU / TCP.

Kit Rogowski Nemo D4-Le

Multifunction tool in case 4 DIN modules with pulse output and RS485 Modbus RTU / TCP.

A Single Package
Un'unica confezione

A unique code to identify the kit consists of multifunctional tool + 3 Rogowski coils.

Quick install
Installazione facile e veloce

Rogowski sensors available diameter 80 mm, 142mm and 190mm facilitate and speed up the installation and reset the costs of a plant shutdown possible.

Wherever available data
dati disponibili ovunque

Available data both locally and remotely through RS485 Modbus RTU / TCP-board instrument.

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