28/08/18 UPDATE: released 3.5.18 IDM Evo version.
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05/02/18 UPDATE: released 2.07.56 Rev.05 Midas EVO version.
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30/11/17 NEWS: New entry-level multifunctions Nemo D4e and Nemo 96HDe.
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29/11/17 NEWS: new 125A Energy Meter, just 6 module.
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09/02/17 Firmware UPDATE: new firmware for IF4E011 interface released
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Nemo 96 EA
Network analyzer
Keep the quality of your system under control. Instrument 96x96mm with integrated memory to record holes, interruptions, overvoltages, rapid voltage changes or instability in your network. RS485 communication module already on board.
Conto D6
Direct Energy Meter 125A
New direct Energy Meter up to 125A for 3F+N systems in only 6 modules. On board pulse output and, optionally, RS485 output with ModBus RTU/TCP protocol.
On-site storage of energy consumption
The new interface allows the simultaneous connection of 4 supervision systems for reading data from on-site devices, or integrates a storage function of energy consumption (up to 400 days) with relative exportable reporting, without adding any software.
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