30/11/17 NEWS: New entry-level multifunctions Nemo D4e and Nemo 96HDe.
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29/11/17 NEWS: new 125A Energy Meter, just 6 module.
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23/10/17 UPDATE: released 3.5.0 IDM Evo version.
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01/03/17 UPDATE: released 2.07.56 Rev.01 Midas EVO version.
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09/02/17 Firmware UPDATE: new firmware for IF4E011 interface released
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Nemo D4-Le
Bidirectionel multifunction energy metering
Multifunction tool with consumed and produced energy count, 4 tariff zones selectable from external contact. It is sold standard with pulse output S0 and programmable alarm contact with the possibility of combination with RS485 Modbus RTU / TCP or BACNET.
Kit Rogowski
Multifunction Tool + 3 Rogowski sensors
Size 96x96mm recessed or 4 modules for DIN rail, the Rogowski KIT are designed for use in case of maintenance, expansion of existing facilities and the addition of measurement points of distribution panels. Thanks to the RS485 Modbus RTU communication / integrated TCP on board, the read data can be centralized on our supervisory systems.
On-site storage of energy consumption
The new interface allows the simultaneous connection of 4 supervision systems for reading data from on-site devices, or integrates a storage function of energy consumption (up to 400 days) with relative exportable reporting, without adding any software.
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