IF4E011 Firmware Update
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Below it will present the guide "step by step" how to update the interface/datalogger IF4E011:

  • Put the interface in "Update" mode; to do so, turn the power off, then (using a screwdriver) hold the small Reset (RST) button and power on.
    The interface PWR LED will begin to flash on a regular basis.
  • Download the new firmware and the program to update the interface.
  • On your PC, extract the contents of the downloaded packages (Client_TFTP.zip and IF4E011.zip).
  • Install the version TftpXX.exe based on your operating system (XX = 32 or 64bit).
  • Perform TFTP, position yourself on the "Tftp Client" and set the data as below:

  • Use the "..." button in the "Local File" and select the file "IF4E011.S19" previously extracted.
  • Press " Put " and wait for the loading bar is complete.
At the end, the interface will restart by itself and will return to work with the default address
If you use a different IP by default, when you are finished, return to the interface configuration via browser and input the desired IP .
Download new firmware for IF4E011
Download latest firmware

---- Changelog ----

    V 2.7
  • Add "Test Mail" button
  • Fix run hour meter
  • Add support for new instruments
  • Improved Memory Management

    V 2.4
  • Fixed bug hours of MID tools
  • Fixed bug of Conto D4Pt active power
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